Charms For Graduation

Apr 6th 2016

Charms For Graduation

It’s that time of year, when you have multiple friends and family members graduating from school. Whether they’re high school aged family members, college age, other may be full blown adults, graduating with their PhD or masters. Regardless of the graduating age, they’re the class of 2016, and should be gifted as such. And what better way to show them how proud you are, than by gifting beautiful gold charms to them.

Charms Are Beautiful

As beautiful as charms are, they are just as versatile. Getting your graduate gold charms for bracelets, or even gold charms for necklaces will not only bring them joy, but it will up their wardrobe.

Charms Are Memories

What better way to commemorate their greatest academic triumph? They’ve reached their goal of graduating this year, so why not gift them with a graduation cap 14k gold charm. You can even get it engraved charms so that it says “Class of 2016,” on it.

Charms Are Solid

Because the Charms from Charm CO are 14k gold charms, not only are they strong, but they will stay beautiful for years to come. You also don’t have to worry about those awful green marks that false gold charm bracelets and necklaces can leave.

Whether you give your graduate vintage charms, a custom charm bracelet, or a specialty 14k gold charm, it is sure to be a hit of a gift. Not only will your graduate love it, but they will wear it for years to come. It represents the academic feats they overcame, as well as the achievements they’ve made in school.