Add Seasonal Charms To Your Collection

Feb 17th 2016

Add Seasonal Charms To Your Collection

Imagine this, you’re walking through your favorite neighborhood park when suddenly you notice quite a bit of change. As you look around, you notice the trees that were once dead, are now alive. Once again, springtime has arrived, and after braving the winter, you’re ready to welcome spring with open arms. You can’t help but notice the warmth on your face that spring time has awarded to you. What if you could have a charm that was definitive of the season you so deeply adore? Charms that are season appropriate are great for switching up the look of your charm bracelet. Season appropriate gold charms would be a great way to represent what you love about the seasons, as well as keep up with the latest trends. Here are some charms that are great additions to your charm collection.

  • Spring trends are typically centered around soft, bright colors, which are a nice change from the darker tones from the season it proceeds. Symbols that represent Springtime surround the theme of new life. A flower pot 14k Gold Charm is a perfect way to welcome the spring.
  • Summer can be defined by it’s bright colors as well, but tend to be bolder than spring colors. Symbols that could represent one’s idea of summertime are the sun, beaches or lakes, or even a sail boat. A couple charms that would be great additions to your charm collection could be a Palm Tree 14k gold charm, or a Sailboat 14k gold charm, which also represents a hobby!

If you love the idea of switching up your charm bracelet for every season, start adding seasonal charms to your collection. There are endless ways to keep up with the season changes, but charms are a great way to do so. When it comes to the seasons, there is a charm for every one and you’ll find one you love. Stay tuned to our next blog for great fall and winter charm tips.