A Food Lover’s Guide To Charms

Mar 2nd 2016

A Food Lover’s Guide To Charms

As you continue to build your charm collection over time, you may notice that you are running out of ideas for new charms to put on your charm bracelet. Fortunately there is a charm out there for everyone and just about everything. But for the food lover (and let’s face it we all are), there are charms for your collection that pay homage to your love for food. Whether you’re a chef, foodie, critic or simply a consumer, you will love this guide to the perfect gold charms for food.

  • For the Chef - Charms that best represent a chef’s love of food should be centered around the tools they use. For example, an Enamel Butcher Knife, Spatula and Spoon 14k Gold Charm would be more than fitting. Another great addition is an Enamel Measuring Cup 14k Gold Charm, or even the Cookbook 14k Gold Charm is a wonderful option too.
  • For the Foodie/ Critic - For those that love to learn, taste and write about the food they try, there are charms that can match their profession. One charm to consider is the Fork, Knife, Spoon 14k Gold Charm that is a perfect representation of your love for trying new food.
  • For the Consumer - If you’re one to simply enjoy food, and have a love of trying new styles, flavors and combos, there are charms for you as well. For those that love food, you could choose from a Croissant 14k Gold Charm, and for the sweets lover the Lollipop 14k Gold Charm would be perfect.

Regardless of how involved your life is with a passion for food, there are gold charms available for your charm bracelet and collection. Check out the gold charms that best represent your love of food at Charm Co.