New Charms for School

Sep 15th 2016

New Charms for School

You did it! You graduated high school, and now you’re enjoying what might feel like the last real summer. If there’s anything we can tell you, it’s that you’ll still have plenty of summers to enjoy. But enough about that. You’re now getting ready to move on to college. You’re prepping for your first semester as a college student and you couldn’t be more excited. But as the first day of school quickly approaches, there is a lot to think about and get ready for. One thing to get ready for is back to school shopping, and as you know, that means it’s time for new clothes and accessories. It’s important to look your best when you’re attending your classes, and gold charms are a great way to get dressed up and set yourself apart from the rest of your classmates. Check out these gold charms and get your charm bracelet for your first semester of college.

  • Owl On a Branch 14k Gold Charm - This adorable charm is a great way to commemorate your love for knowledge. The owl has long represented knowledge and education and would look great on your charm bracelet.
  • Microscope 14k Gold Charm - How cute is this gold charm? This is a great way to show for all the time you’ll be spending in labs this semester
  • Princeton 14k Gold Charm - This vintage charm is a great way to show your school pride, as well as the great accomplishment that it is to get into Princeton!

Vintage charms are so fun to switch out for different reasons; what better reason to switch them up than a new start? Take a look at the gold charms that we have for sale, and set your charm bracelet up for the first semester of college!