Lesley's Charm Bracelet


It all began with a fish! I met my boyfriend at a restaurant named Fish (sadly it's no longer there) and this bracelet

celebrates our 5 years together with a Happy Anniversary cake and charms that have special meaning to us. We are 

travel bugs so the globe was a must and the passport is engraved with the countries that we've been to together. 

We both have family in California and Florida and that's represented by the crate of oranges and the conchWe enjoy

visiting Atlantic City and rolling the dice and we love a day at the race track.  Because we love all things Italian, 

we got a Vespa scooter  that is fun to ride when the weather is nice. When it's not so nice out, we like to play gin 

rummy and have a couple of glasses of wine.  The New York Times charm could only be better  if it had a crossword

 on it- we like to do the puzzle and pass it back and forth between us until we can (hopefully) complete it.  Even

though we are lovebirds, my boyfriend's longest relationship is with his stockbroker.  The revolver reminds me of

the first time we shot a real gun at a shooting range in AZ on our way to Sedona. The Nantucket basket and cuckoo 

clock are just things I love - and I'm sure my boyfriend thinks I'm cuckoo at times! Finally, we have 2 wonderful cat

"children" that bring us so much joy every day.