Elizabeth's Charm Bracelet


I love looking at my wrist and seeing a summation of my life with my husband and children. It makes me smile. Each charm reminds me of something special: from the places we have vacationed, the hula girl-Hawaii, the palm tree-the southern east coast, the canoe-New Hampshire, to places we have lived, the Ponte Vecchio-Italy, the Christmas tree-Germany, the trolley car-San Francisco, the lobster trap-New England, to the major events in my life, the owl-graduation and St Louis, the church-my wedding, the mother and baby elephant coupled with the baby shoes-my children, to my interests, art and design, gardening, cooking, writing, drinking lots of coffee, to the charms that remind me to be mindful and wise in life, the Figa (this one is mostly for protection), the three wise monkeys, Ganesha and to the eternal knot and cake for my birthday. To finish it off the Eiffel tower symbolizes the future. Some day we will get to Paris with many more events along the way.