Fall into Autumn in a Charming Way with Small Gold Charms

Sep 12th 2019

Fall into Autumn in a Charming Way with Small Gold Charms

By Charmco

Fall is one of the best times of year. School begins, and routine settles in once again. The holidays are just around the corner, and the weather is cooling before the winter storms hit. Fall is one of the best times to be outside, soaking up the last rays of the warm sun before they disappear, enjoying the last songs of the birds before they head south for the winter, and revving up your hot chocolate and cleaning out your fireplace for those impending long nights ahead.

Charmco is the best gold charm company, creating beautiful small 14k gold charms for you. We also offer charm bracelets and charm necklaces, all customizable with whatever charms you desire. In this blog post, we’ll highlight just a few of our many fall gold charms for you to remember the season by. Contact us today to get started!


One of the best things about fall is the leaves turning brilliant hues for us to enjoy, from yellow to red and throughout the color spectrum. While evergreen trees don’t shed their leaves, they give us perhaps just as beautiful of a gift with their pine cones. Charmco offers a Pine Cone 14K Gold Charm that is intricate in its detail. This small gold charm goes great with a charm bracelet and will bring the lovely scent of pine to your mind every time you look at it. Remember the majesty of the forest with this 14K gold charm.

Pine Cone 14K Gold Charm

Charmco’s Maple Leaf 14K Gold Charm captures the wonder of nature with its intricate attention to detail. With every vein highlighted, this 14K gold charm will remind you of long days hiking in the forest and kicking leaves or raking leaves and jumping into the pile — which is the only reason some people even rake leaves. Capture the essence of fall with this small gold charm.

Maple Leaf 14K Gold Charm

Another gold leaf to add to your collection is Charmco’s Vintage Textured Leaf 18K Gold Charm. If you love willow trees or ferns, then this elongated small gold charm featuring two long leaves will surely delight you. Made from 18K gold, this fall charm is perfect for your charm necklace. This is a perfect gift for the leaf collector in your family.

Vintage Textured Leaf 18K Gold Charm

The scarecrow is a lonely sole, standing all day forlorn in a field, hoping birds will be scared by his raggedy appearance. Scarecrows protect the farmer’s crops till harvest time in the fall. In fact, scarecrows were used in ancient Egypt to scare away quail. The ancient Greeks had scarecrows, too, carving them to resemble Priapus, the son of the god Dionysus and the goddess Aphrodite, who was very ugly and thus would scare away the birds. The Romans copied the Greeks (like they did with about everything in their culture) and were responsible for spreading the use of the scarecrow throughout Europe.

Charmco celebrates the scarecrow with our Scarecrow 14k Gold Charm who is dressed for success in his rags and top hat. You can combine him with the other beloved characters from the Wizard of Oz that Charmco offers, or leave him be by himself (which is probably how he likes it anyways). Choose the scarecrow for your charm bracelet today.

Scarecrow 14k Gold Charm

The apple is another quintessential symbol of fall, especially if you live in the Northeast where apple orchards are bursting with this incredibly healthy fruit. Charmco celebrates the apple tree with our Diamond Apple 14K Gold Charm that features a diamond in the leaf above the stem. This 14K gold charm is a perfect addition to your charm necklace to remember your apple picking adventure or to remember your visit to The Big Apple.

Diamond Apple 14K Gold Charm


Charms serve to remind you of the precious memories you form with those who matter most to you. When you visit a place, such as New York City, or the Big Apple, souvenirs are a must-have. However, those t-shirts that you buy or postcards and magnets often just collect dust or go unused, forgotten when you return to your normal life.

Instead, when you invest in a small gold charm from Charmco, you will remember the good times you had with friends and family more often, and it will have you hankering for more. Visit us online today, and order your charm necklace!