How to Rock Your Charms

Posted by Charm CO. on Jan 12th 2017

Wearing Your Gold Charms

When it comes to wearing your gold charms, it’s important to think about the right time and place to wear them. Fortunately, it’s always the right time to wear your gold charms. Whether you have a charm necklace you love to wear or you obsessed with your charm bracelet, you can wear either wherever you want. Because charms are so versatile, you can wear them anytime, any place. But it’s important that you wear them properly. You don’t just want to wear them, you want to rock them, and here’s how.

Charms and Your Wardrobe

When deciding what to wear, think about your charm bracelet and/or charm necklace and how it would look with that outfit. If the neckline on any top you’re wearing doesn’t show the necklace, or it doesn’t lay right with it, you should choose something else. Wear a turtleneck with a long, single charm necklace or wear a scoop neck with your chunky charm necklace.

Charms and Other Accessories

When you’re looking to wear other accessories with your charms, our biggest suggestion is to stay modest. You want your gold charms to be the center of your outfit, but you don’t want to overkill the accessorizing of it. Simply add a nice pair of gold stud earrings and maybe a hair scarf to complete your accessorized look without overdoing it.

Simply wearing your custom gold charms isn’t enough; you have to rock them. That means pairing them with the perfect outfit and other accessories. Look your best in your charm bracelet or necklace by following these steps and you’ll look great. Shop for more gold charms to rock at Charm CO. today!